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How WE can help increase YOUR income from apps
Search promotion

More than 70% of organic installations in app stores come from searching. ⅔ of them are divided among the first three apps.

Get into the TOP-3 for the keywords and increase organic traffic by 2 or more times with the promotion algorithms unique on the market.

High ratings and reviews for your app

An app rating below 4 stars reduces the number of installations by three times.

But a rating from 4.2 in combination with positive reviews increases this indicator by 235%.

Increase Retention

One of the main success factors in promotion is user retention in the app.

We use a variety of tools and techniques to improve retention in your app and ensure a constant growth of active users and revenue.


A correctly planned promotion calendar will maximize the benefits of your efforts and ensure a steady growth of active users and income.

Schedule a campaign one time and don't worry about promotion.

Our advantages
Single dashboard
Track your campaigns' key metrics and indicators on one page. Get real-time information, react quickly and adjust your campaigns for maximum results!
Tracking the positions of rivals
Keep an eye on your rival's keywords and positions. Plan campaigns to effectively outperform them.
Hints from Google Play and AppStore
Optimize the promotion of your app with the hints available on our platform. Choose the most relevant and frequently used user search requests to attract more installations.
For the start
from 0,13$
  • Growth in installs
  • Increasing search results positions
For accurate promotion
from 0,18$
  • Increasing positions in the search for selected keywords
For increase loyalty
from 0,12$
  • Rating increase
  • Indexing new keywords
Where to begin?
How to start promoting apps
Sign Up
Standard registration by email will take you no more than 2 minutes.
Adding an app
Add your application to our system by providing a link to it.
Promotion setup
Create a promotion campaign by specifying the installation delivery method and extra parameters.
Result tracking
After launching the campaign, you can track the progress and statistics for each keyword.
Our cases
What motivated installs in Google Play and App Store are used for?
The basis of app optimization in stores is motivated installs, they help to promote for key requests. But for long-term success, the app must be user-friendly and useful to consumers. Without motivated traffic, the promotion of the app can take a long time. Most free installations come from search, with up to 70% of users choosing apps from the first three positions. If you're not in the top 3, you lose most of your organic setups.
Is it possible to bring the app to the top of the category?
It is easier to succeed in the App Store than in Google Play, where algorithms count a lot of metrics to form the top app lists. Increasing the number of installations can increase the chances of reaching the top, but it does not guarantee it.
Is it safe for my app?
The usage of motivated traffic is safe if the right strategy is applied. It is very important that organic and motivated installations should be at approximately the same level. You should not try to get a sharp increase in the number of installations, while leaving the actual use of the app at a low level. In addition, too sharp growth in the number of reviews and ratings can make the App Store and Google Play suspicious.
Is it possible to regulate the flow of installations?
To promote the app safely, the WorkApp platform has a "Daily Limit" feature, where you can set the number of daily installs that are acceptable to you. As your organic traffic grows, you can change this parameter in your ad campaign settings.
Can I buy installations from other locales?
With WorkApp, you can promote your apps not only in your own country, but in other countries as well. WorkApp works with all localizations of App Store and Google Play.

If there is anything you don't understand, please contact @Workappstore

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