Tips for using the service

Each service has its own peculiarities of work and Work App is no exception. In order to effectively use all the functionality, below we describe the main points that it will be useful for the user to know.

Distribution of installations

If you launch an order after 17:00 Moscow time, then the service algorithm always launches the first day with the “As soon as possible” strategy. The following days will work with the strategy set in the order.

For example, an order was created with the "Evenly distribution" strategy, the campaign is 3 days, the order was launched after 17:00, which means that 1 day of the order will be executed "As soon as possible", and the next days will go with "Evenly distribution".

If you want an even distribution on the first day, then you need to start orders before 17:00 Moscow time.

Order execution time

The settings of one day in the order occur from the moment the order is started +25 hours. That is, if the order is launched on July 5 at 12:36 p.m., then the end of the installations of this day will be on July 6 at 1:36 p.m.

Number of installations per day

Standard traffic provides up to 1,000 installs per app keyword.

Premium includes up to 15,000 installs per app keyword.

Referral affiliate program

You can refer friends using your unique link. They are registered on our website and forever assigned to you.

From each completed order of the users you attracted, you will receive 5% to your bonus account.

Having accumulated enough bonuses, you can transfer them to your main balance, for this, contact our Technical support.